$200.00 / month

If you are a business that does it all, this is the package for you. 

More About PLUS

Businesses that have more than one aspect of their business they want to share with their community. This gives you access to 2 different discounts in two different categories. Businesses that offer goods AND services are perfect for this package. 

For example if you have a skydiving business and sell merchandise as well. You can post a deal for the actual jumps and for merchandise taking up shelf space in the shop. The possibilities are endless and your business has complete control. 

Restaurants! We are talking to you! With the PLUS, post a discount on a new menu item you are trying to promote, but don’t stop there! The PLUS package also lets you add your happy hour and all its items that let people search in real time.  Even if they are not active, they are still available to preview. Happy hour is the busiest page for us and for you!

With the PLUS, you also get LOCAL IT market stats customized for your business. That’s not just fluff, these are stats about your direct market and a way for customers as well as the community that love your business, to be updated. 

Each month you can see stats like:

  • Direct messages and feedback from customers in your personal box
  • The most popular deals in your industry
  • How many people are following your updates 
  • How many of your customers are male/female
  • Your customer age groups
  • What trends are appearing in your market 
  • What your customers like the most from your business 
  • Where your customers are concentrated 
  • What age group your most popular with 
  • And much much more

The point is, only big businesses have had access to these stats until now. We designed these stats because these are some of the external factors that make or break most businesses. LOCAL ITs  goals are simple. We want to earn your trust before your business. This feature is free until we have dialed in every element and feel confident that you, the partner, are getting the value we promise. 

Other Plans


    If you just want to let your customers know the basics about your business.
    $0.00 / month
  • BASE

    If you just want to let your customers know of your deals, this is the package for you!
    $150.00 / month

    With the PREMIUM  you get the whole kitchen sink! Everything offered in the PLUS with one exceptional difference. WE MONITOR your account for you literally.
    $250.00 / month