$250.00 / month

With the PREMIUM  you get the whole kitchen sink! Everything offered in the PLUS with one exceptional difference. WE MONITOR your account for you literally.

More About PREMIUM

What this means is that we assign our own marketing consultant that monitors how your deals and business are doing weekly. This means if our algorithm picks up anything that can help your business reach more customers we will contact you directly. Receive notifications on your time whether through text, email, or even a call. 

The PREMIUM offers your business:

  • In-house photo editting 
  • Algorithm generated deal suggestions
  • Weekly updates on your time
  • Designated marketing consultant 
  • Peace of mind 

If you read our LOCAL it story, then you know if this works for John and his Tech Cafe, then we can do the same for you.  We don’t expect you to be tech savvy, let us handle that. The premium lets you take the backseat and lets us do the driving for you. We can let you know what critical information you need to know and what’s  changing around your business.  Over 500,000 US businesses close their doors forever each month. LOCAL IT is on a mission to put a dent in that number and keep you in the game. We aren’t yelp and we aren’t google, we can only stay in business if you do. 

Other Plans


    If you just want to let your customers know the basics about your business.
    $0.00 / month
  • BASE

    If you just want to let your customers know of your deals, this is the package for you!
    $150.00 / month
  • PLUS

    If you are a business that does it all, this is the package for you. 
    $200.00 / month